Joan Caven


Name: Joan Caven

Location: The US of A

Where did you grow up: I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria

What age were you when you left Africa: I left Nigeria when I was 16.

Can you speak your native language: I cannot unfortunately. I can understand it though especially when my mom speaks it and mixes it with English :)

What did you eat in the morning: Hmm...for a long time my mother decided it would be really cool if we ate moi moi and pap in the morning. I had no control over it.

What is your best food: Jollof rice with Buka sauce with assorted meat and plantain

What toys did you have as a child: I didn’t really have a lot of toys. I was encouraged to read and watch movies. I did have one walking doll that had a blonde hair cut and blue eyes. And I used to play with my sister Doreen’s doll that she named Famosa. We did get barbies later on and our love for fashion developed then.

What TV shows did you watch: Family matters, Sister Sister, The Cosby show, Behind the clouds, Village Headmaster, Area C, Super story, Full House, this random competition show that had ppl dress up and race each other that was in german, Animaniacs etc

What did you eat for lunch in school: I never really had packed lunches. My secondary school served us lunch. We had everything from Jollof rice, fried rice, spaghetti, Eba/ fufu

What school did you go to: Pry/ Sec: I went to St. Marys for Primary school and Lagoon Secondary school for Secondary school

Boarding school or Day student: Day student

Did you have a lesson teacher? Yeah several. My favorite lesson teacher was Mr Amening (sp) and he was from Ghana.

What is your most memorable TV commercial? The Planta commercial where the kids come downstairs to eat bread and butter lollll

What were your after school activities: After school, if we didn’t have a lesson teacher coming over, we were sent to a general lesson venue with kids from different schools

Did you ever go to your village: Yes I definitely did. Owalla Avuvu.

What did you hear your mom or dad say all the time: PICK THE PHONEEEEE! (My mom)

Who did you look up to ( Entertainment wise): I wanted to be Tia and Tamera

What did you do on summer vacations: If my parents were being nice, we were allowed to travel to England or America. We spent a couple of summer vacations in Nigeria dying of jealousy since many of our friends travelled “overseas” for summer.

Have you ever been flogged? If so was it a memorable experience: Yes of course. I was generally a good kid and I rarely got flogged. I forget what I did but I remember my mother telling me to go pluck a cane from the bushes outside. Cruel and unusual punishment lol.

Did you ever go to any party? If so what was a memorable party (and name of the party if applicable): I would go for parties that were meant for my older sisters. There were parties like Couples night, Let’s play house, Mode etc. I think the most memorable party of my young life was when we snuck out of church on Christmas day ( vigil mass) and went for a party in Fantasyland. We never got caught surprisingly. That party was maaaaaaddddddd.

Did you go to an all girls/ boys school or a mixed school? All girls school for sec. school.

Who was your first crush: Gosh. One guy called Collins in my sister’s set. I couldn’t even talk to him.

What was Vals day like: Mad chocolates and teddy bears. Nah. I think I only got valed once and it was from some guy I was “apparently” dating but didn’t like -_-

When did you start dating: When I came to America and I was far far away from my daddy lol.