Name: Nosa Adetiba (Alile)

Location: Nu Joizy

Where did you grow up: Lagos

What age were you when you left Africa: 17

Can you speak your native language: unfortunately, no. This is something that hurts my heart

What did you eat in the morning: my fave was pap and moinmoin and/or akara.

What is your best food? Goat meat or oxtail in some Bomb stew or ewa agoyin

What toys did you have as a child: my teddy bear digga and then my barbie/barbie world at 9. Changed my life

What TV shows did you watch: tales by moonlight. Behind the clouds (with the character called Nosa ), Cartoon Network, Cosby show, different world, telenovelas that I didn't understand lol

What did you eat for lunch in school; I had to really think here. Meatpies and sausage rolls from tuck shop. Okin biscuit?! My best friend's food lol

What school did you go to: Pry/ Sec Home Science Association/ Queen's College Yaba

Boarding school or Day student: Day

Did you have a lesson teacher? Too many

What is your most memorable TV commercial? 'When malaria strikes, strike back with maladrin' OR the Royco commercial cause half of it was shot in my (parent's) house. If you've been there, it must be familiar to you lol

What were your after school activities: lesson, Cartoon Network, dolpin estate, the PHONE!

Did you ever go to your village: I don't really consider Benin a village ahem but I went very often until my grandma died in '98.

What did you hear your mom or dad say all the time: are you in a gang? Get off the phone.

Who did you look up to ( Entertainment wise): BRANDY

What did you do on summer vacations: London and New York. So dry

Have you ever been flogged? Ha too many times to count. If so was it a memorable experience: yes, I was a strong willed girl and so my parents had to reset me every so often. One time I might have asked my dad if I looked like a 'bloody goat' and my mom tore me up!

Did you ever go to any party? I hosted quite a few my self. If so what was a memorable party (and name of the party if applicable) LaCaf, Mode, my 14th birthday!!!!  For mode though, I stayed out all night and told my mom they locked the gate and wouldn't let me(us) leave and she was so sad for me. Sorry mommy

Did you go to an all girls/ boys school or a mixed school? Girls school

Who was your first crush: A tie Btw Rotimi Alakija(I thought he looked like usher) and Kemdi Ebi (he was always in my house cause our older sisters were friends)

What was Vals day like: I got Valed ONLY once but it was epic; thanks TA lol

When did you start dating; eek had my first boyfriend at 13 lol