Name: Onyinye
Location: Abuja
Where did you grow up: Lagos
What age were you when you left Africa ( For Africans living outside Africa)
Can you speak your native language: Umm….my EngliIgbo is pretty darn good
What did you eat in the morning: All the usual things- akara/moimoi and akamu, bread and egg, pancakes buuuut my best breakfast meal was Saturday morning ‘ji abubo (sp)’- basically boiled yam mixed with vegetables and palm oil. It was so good that some family/friends used to look forward to sleeping over on Friday night.
What is your best food? Ukwa and peppered snail/Nni ji and ofe oha
What toys did you have as a child: I was the last of 6 children; I think my parents were tired of buying toys when it came to my turn. I just remember playing with my siblings and cousins
What TV shows did you watch: Thunderbirds, Voltron, The Little Prince, Jem and the Holograms and then Generations, Passions, Telenovelas in my teens
What did you eat for lunch in school: In primary school, it was usually an egg salad, tuna or
corned beef sandwich with Ribena/Suntop
What school did you go to: Primary- Corona Primary School, Ikoyi. Secondary- Quee Cee Why? (only QC girls will chuckle at this)
Boarding school or Day student: Boarding o….
Did you have a lesson teacher?: I didn’t have a personal lesson teacher but I went to Mrs
Nwokolo’s after school lesson in primary school
What is your most memorable TV commercial? Satis Beef Sausages…..delicious and satisfying (or delicious as satis frying, as I thought it was at the time)
What were your after school activities: Waiting for the driver to pick me up from school (he was always at least 1hr late) followed by Mrs Nwokolo’s lesson. In Secondary school, a little nap followed by afternoon prep.
Did you ever go to your village: Pretty much every December when I was growing up. Even
went in August a couple of times
What did you hear your mom or dad say all the time: My mum used to call me ‘nwa nlecha’
every day of my life because I would enter her room and go straight to the mirror. Oh another one ‘he’s only doing that because he loves you’ when I would complain about my older brother giving me the ‘flying claw’
Who did you look up to (Entertainment wise): Hmm…can’t say that I remember
What did you do on summer vacations: Went to lesson and stayed home (LOL). In my teens, went to England with the family
Have you ever been flogged? YES!! Flogging was pretty much par for the course in Mrs
Nwokolo’s lesson and my mum flogged me a few times.
Did you ever go to any party? So as a boarder, couldn’t really attend as many parties as I would have liked but I definitely got in my first share. My most memorable one has to be Certified2 because the DJ was JAMMING. Till date, I cannot hear ‘Cluck cluck’ without picturing that day.
Did you go to an all girls/ boys school or a mixed school? All girls school
Who was your first crush: Haha…my first crush was a family friend named Tokunbo (Toks, if you’re reading this ‘hey big head!!’ LOOOOOL)
What was Vals day like: DRY. I am a natural born roasto
When did you start dating: One boy started dating me when I was 10. However, personally I am yet to start dating